How Can You help?


Making all businesses essential and ensuring the protection for small businesses staying open can change everything for our communities and the future of our economy. We are seeking volunteers and community champions!



  • Student business advisors (student initiative)
  • Fundraising
  • Promoting

Community Champions:
Are you someone who is passionate about your community and/or a small business owner? We are looking for a Community Champion to take on this ongoing issue and raise awareness to ensure that support is provided to each region.


Please nominate someone you know or utilize the Community Champion form for a list of
criteria before applying.


Ontario Tech Capstone: If you are a student at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa please check out SBE’s Capstone opportunity for more information on how to apply.


A portion of all proceeds go back into funding Small Business is Essential initiative

SBE facemasks

Face masks that say, “SmALL Business is Essential” are being sold with proceeds going directly towards supporting small businesses and their need for resources to stay compliant, such as PPE and training.

CTB Stop CONvincing Start Selling Honest

CTB – Cut The Bullsh*t – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling is a book written by Edward Henry, founder of SBE, about the power of selling honestly. With every purchase of this book, 25 percent of the proceeds will support small businesses in obtaining resources.