UNITE 2021
November 25TH 2021

Pandemic Preparedness

Over the past year, this pandemic has cost $20 Trillion dollars due to the lack of preparation and planning. SBE United’s Framework for Safe Space Management called Safe Space 1st provides clarity, and a course of action as an emergency situation progresses and can be applied to all industries. SBE United’s systems are intended to futureproof businesses and prepare them for what lies ahead.


SBE United wants businesses and communities to thrive, thus regaining economic stability. As an organization SBE United’s resources help businesses continue being sustainable

Universal Safe Business Practices

Businesses cannot operate, thrive, or continue to stay sustainable without the guidance of safe business practices. This pandemic along with its repercussions are here to stay, and safe business practices allow for a smooth transition into the future.

Unite 2021- SmALL Business Conference - November 25th 2021 9am-5pm

SBE United will be hosting a small-business summit comprised of a series of small business conferences with the first commencing on November 25th, 2021 in Oshawa Ontario. Featuring expert guest speakers, safe business operation education, opportunities for networking, and an award ceremony for small business and community champions, these summits provide a platform for raising the much-needed capital for small businesses

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Why Support Us?

Many lessons have come from these unprecedented times. All of this has been new and no one really knows what to do. ALL industries have been affected, namely, tourism, hospitality, restaurants, personal services, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and entertainment.

Over the past year, the entire world including businesses have been feeling hopeless, helpless, and confused, wanting to regain some sense of normalcy. Although the repercussions of this pandemic are here to stay, it provides an opportunity to create a better normal – one where ALL businesses can stay open and thrive. The world as we know and how business is conducted will never be the same. However, with the right systems and plans business continuity, thriving communities, and economic stability are well within our reach.

SBE United has created a universal framework for Safe Space Management called Safe Space 1st‘.



SBE United commits to helping SmALL businesses by collectively arming them with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while remaining vigilant and united


SBE United envisions a unified, collective, and strong business community striving towards economic recovery and stability.

Core Values


SBE United recognizes that this pandemic is a world problem. As a collective unit, SBE United assists businesses in finding proactive solutions for continuing to operate safely. Forums and discussions pertaining to operations are also hosted to address issues as a team.


Small businesses are the heart of their communities and are a community of their own. Through its resources, SBE United is committed to supporting businesses and their communities in their ongoing journey towards stability and economic recovery. Communities need to start working together and taking ownership of their spaces.

How Can You Help?

Making all businesses essential and ensuring that small businesses stay open can change everything for our communities and the future of our economy. We are seeking volunteers and community champions!


  • Student business advisors (student initiative)
  • Fundraising
  • Promoting

Community Champions:

Are you someone who is passionate about your community and/or a small business owner? We are looking for Community Champions to take on this ongoing issue and raise awareness to ensure that support is provided to each region.